The Umbranthal Team

Our main campaign Adventures in Umbranthal is made up of five talented players and our Dungeon Master.

Altamirage (they/them)

I’m Altamirage! I’m a nonbinary artist, fashion lover, and gamer. I’ve been playing D&D and tabletop for about 15 years, and DMing for about 7. Right now, I play in a couple games and DM two, and I work at a comic/game store. Roleplay and character focused games and narratives are my favorite. 

My passion is in storytelling! I make comics, I DM, I have a videogame I’m planning out, and I have too many characters to count. Other than that, I’m an avid gamer – I’m a Nintendo kid, but my love defies genres. My favorite games are Okage: Shadow King, Journey, and Yume Nikki. I also grew up on Revolutionary Girl Utena and Inuyasha.

And I have three cats! In order of who you’ll probably see the most: Pita, Baby Boy (full name: This Baby Boy Mayor of Second Life Eat Green Beans), and Medli.


Matt (he/him)

in the wilds of south Alabama, Matthew began exploring the world of Dungeons and Dragons by playing 1st edition during his early childhood.  Whether adventuring as a murder hobo in elementary school, roleplaying with friends and struggling with THAC0 as a young adult, playing international games with 4th edition when living in Turkey, or recently DM’ing for my niece, nephew, (even roping my sister and parents into the game), I have always found Dungeons and Dragons to be a creative outlet that allows incredible storytelling (and treasure!) and a welcome escape from our day to day lives.  My other creative interests range from playing guitar to theatre to performing standup comedy.  Having spent nearly two decades wandering the globe, living in six different countries, and often working in humanitarian responses, I eagerly look forward to playing as the ranger Fenn, as we explore this new world of Umbranthal.

Sarah N. (she/her)

Sarah finds joy in the little things. A dice goblin, coffee connoisseur, and cat mom of four, she set out to create with Chris a platform for performers of D&D that would make a mind flayer proud. A player of the game for 7 years, Sarah thrives in the world of RPG. Her theater background paired with her speech and debate titles make for a truly averagely-rounded individual. When asked to quote her experience that qualifies her for this game, she stated, “Oof, well I guess I’ll have to do.” Armed with her uncharacteristically charismatic Barbarian Maple, and an overpriced notebook, Sarah hopes to bring a sense of togetherness to the table that will leave a moose-shaped mark on everyone involved.

Steph (they/them)

Steph loves to level up in ‘gamer nerd’ constantly. Steph got started with Hasbro board games and The Oregon Trail on an Apple II back in middle school and in 2016 they started playing D&D. They’ve been hooked ever since. While Steph is newer to D&D, they’ve been roleplaying much longer…since the days of forum-based storytelling back in the 90s.

Steph’s love to learn and explore helps explain their eclectic background and interests. Scuba diving, traveling, petting cats (and all pets), being silly, volunteering, as well as playing games (ttrpgs, video games, and board/card games) make up the majority of Steph’s interests. They never get tired of talking about the ocean (especially sharks), social justice, and weird stories from their past.

When they’re not on Twitch with hp2xp or sidequeststeph (personal channel), they’re likely gaming, learning something new, being helpful, or spending time with their partner and friends who also love games (that’s pretty much a prerequisite for friendship).

Jacob (he/him)

Jacob (Is Friday) was born in Fort Lewis, Washington and grew up in the Puget Sound area from Tacoma to Port Orchard. In 2006 he married his wife Sophie and in 2008 joined the Marines to follow the example set out by his father, who had also served in the military. He has served in various billets and occupations, to include: Aviation Ordnance Shop Supervisor, Martial Arts Instructor, Water Survival Instructor, Infantry Squad Leader, and Infantry Platoon Sergeant. His overseas tours include Europe, Africa, and Afghanistan. The Gods have blessed him and his wife with three children: Beckett, Finnley, and Rowan.

When he isn’t pretending to be an elf on the internet, Jacob can be found reading, writing, and practicing martial arts. He is currently transitioning out of the military to enjoy a quieter and less stressful life with his family.

Chris (he/him)

Chris (on the Left) started playing D&D back in 1986 with the Red Box set. Most of his experience was with 2nd Edition from early adolescence through his early 20s. Coming back to the game in 5th Edition Chris has enjoyed spending more time on the sneaky side of the DM Screen. Outside of Hp2Xp Chris is a disabled retired Firefighter, shade-tree philosopher, author, and Human-At-Large.