On the Matter of Time’s Passage

22 Avnkal, 2 Savsor

Submitted with Great Respect By

My Dear King Gikrik,

I hope my letter finds you in full health and vigor! I am most grateful for your commission and have undertaken it with diligence and excitement. Compiling the historical information of the previous age, and confirming, as best as possible in the time frame you had dictated, its accuracy, and amending where modern observations warranted, I have set out the most accurate accounting of time in Umbranthal’s grand history. 

Out of deference to your time, as I know matters of state keep you quite occupied, this letter is a brief summary of my findings, which have been checked by several Mages of Note who attest to the accuracy and validity of these reports. I will joyfully present to you, at such a time as you would wish, the full details of my observations and the reasoning and calculations which have led me to my conclusions. 

On Umbranthal 668 and one-half days pass from one winter’s solstice to the next. As it is inconvenient to account for a half day across such a wide expanse of land our solution is to divide our calendar into years of 669 and 668 days. In each decade we have six years of 669 days and four years with 668 days. This method of accounting provides us with the greatest consistency.

As in the past age there are 24 months, of seven days each. However, in order to unify the calendar and bring it into accord with the passage of Sol, we have sought to standardize the way we express the format of the days and months more explicitly.

Our days of the week remain unchanged from the common understanding: Soldan, Mandan, Tyrdan, Ondan, Tordan, Fredan, and Lordan.

Our months also remain unchanged in their naming and order: Jannar, Furnnar, Mannar, Avnnar, Marnar, Junnar, Juinnar, Anstnnar, Sevnnar, Obnnar, Nainnar, Donnar, Jankal, Furnkal, Mankal, Avnkal, Marnkal, Junkal, Juikal, Anstnkal, Sevnkal, Obnkal, Nainnkal, Donkal.

Where our modifications have been made, to enable standardization, is in the allotment of days per month. We have divided the year into four quarters. Each month has 28 days, except the last month of each quarter – Junnar, Donnar, and Junkal – which have 27 days. In our standard years the month of Donkal has 28 days, but in the four retrograde years of the decade it will only have 27 days. This is of course the unfortunate effect of imposing a structure that maintains the passage of light to dark each day as our basic unit of time. Would our people be able to possess highly accurate timepieces and calendars we could do away with such compromises. Alas even our most brilliant Artificers have yet to invent such wondrous tools.

Additionally, to maintain order, each month begins with the day Soldan. This of course means that in Junnar, Donnar, Junkal, and Donkal (in retrograde years) we will not observe Lordan. This will of course be an adjustment, however in short time the peoples should come to see the utility of having the first of each month begin on Soldan.

The epochs of time, Savsor, Vindsavsor, and Aptirsavsor will remain. We will set 1 Jannar, 1 Savsor as the day you secured the agreement of the many tribes to form our esteemed Kingdom. 

My Liege, I must confess we are, as yet, unable to predict if Savsor will be an eternal epoch. The universe is in constant flux, and our understanding of history, though lacking certain rigor, suggests that the age of Apitrsavsor may come again. This information should be closely held to the crown, I believe, as the uncertainty of what such an event might mean for the citizens and our lands could inspire much fear among the common people. As such we have not produced a calendar which suggests standards for the beginning of Vindsavsor or the recoming of Aptirsavsor. If you wish to discuss these possibilities I believe it would best be done in a private audience.

We recognize this organization of the calendar may require a time of adjustment for the citizenry. If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion, to aid in the implementation of this undertaking, were the kingdom to host a formal day of celebration, proclaiming the new calendar, and set to employing, for a period of a decade, criers who might reside in the larger cities and villages to proclaim the passage of time, the adoption of the new calendar might happen more easily. Of course I bend to your better judgement on all such matters, and hope you will take my offered suggestion into consideration along with the wisdom of your other great and knowing advisors.

I remain, as ever your humble Servant.

Darian Runefell, Mage of Note.

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